Kim Ingleby: Making Positive Change to See What’s Possible

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This week I have been chatting with Kim Ingleby about her life, what motivates her and how she helps people to achieve their dreams.  If you missed the first part of this interview and would like to find out the challenges Kim has faced herself, how she has overcome them and the amazing goals that she has achieved read Overcoming Personal Challenges – Learning to be Brave

To find out how Kim became an International, Award Winning, Mind and Body Coach, who she works with and how she helps people to make positive change read on:

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How did you become a Mind and Body Coach?

I have always loved being outdoors. I was brought up on a farm so being active was very normal.  However, I was super shy and lacked confidence.  Movement on my own made me happy.  I started horse riding through a friend and found that I had a natural affinity with the horses.  It struck me that the horses were really well looked offer but the riders were not and I wanted to help them. I also wanted to find out how I could be happier and more confident.  Sport made me feel that way and I thought that if I could help the riders with their fitness it would help them internally.

What training did you have to do?

I took a bit of a random path! I trained at Gleneagles to be a riding instructor and got a placement there. I did lots of exams in horse riding, anatomy and physiology. I then went to Belize with Riding International and then starting working riding jobs in the South of England.

After that I did a degree in International Business and a masters in Personal Training and Sports Therapy.  Business really gave me the confidence and skills that I use when I am mentoring people today.

I worked in London for 6 months with Matt Roberts, a leading personal trainer but felt that I wanted to go back to the countryside and worked in a smaller family gym and then at a David Lloyds so that I could understand the different dynamics of the industry. I was working with Team GB, GP referrals and people with Body Image Issues. I was getting good results and I loved it! However, I was still lacking confidence so I took a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.  I had to be a client as well as a trainer so that I could experience each process and work on any issues that I had myself. I had to learn how to manage my own dynamics and let go of my own fears so that I could understand what was best for my clients.

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Who do you work with?

My business is mostly from word of mouth and I work with a very broad section of people.  The age range spans 14 – 86 yrs.!  Some of them are top-end, elite, sports people such as Team GB athletes, some are CEOs in business and I work with the professional Strictly Come Dancing dancers.

I also work with amateur runners, triathletes and adventure sports people. And then I have my “non-sport clients” who are mostly women seeking to improve their mind and body confidence, body image and life in general.

So it’s very diverse. I am often the last port of call for people who feel they need some support to make a change in life.

How long does it take to help people?

That’s really difficult to say as every client’s challenges are different.  It could take 1 session but it could take 6 months.  With every potentially client we have a chat first to talk about what they want to achieve. I try to find out what would make the biggest difference to your life if you have time and what would make the biggest difference if you don’t have time, to work out what the starting point should be.

I talk about motivation, how do they want to feel, what do they want to change, how can we make you happier?  Literally 2 or 3 tiny little things they can change.

What happens if you feel you cannot help someone?

I am very open to referring out to other experts if I feel that this is what the client needs.

Can you give us an example of how you have helped someone?

Clean Lean Blog Case Study – Kim Ingleby

I work with many busy Mum’s who are really short of time and feel overwhelmed. Kate came to me a few years ago, three children under 6 years old, working part time and missing exercising. Before she had her children she used to train quite a lot, and felt confident in herself. After having her children, gradually time slipped away and she found herself out of the routine, stuck as to where to start again and lacking in confidence. We spend quite a bit of time just talking about her lifestyle, her values and beliefs, dreams and hopes. Just discussing the things that excited her, and whilst they were not possible, they brought her to ‘life’.
We then wrote down all the things that were limiting her and preventing her from doing what she would love to do again. These ranged from time, to children’s activities, work and her husband’s work, lack of confidence to begin and fear of how much she had ‘to do’ to get back to where she wanted and guilt for making time for herself. For each limitation we wrote a little solution on the other side of the paper and a feeling for what she would like to move towards to cope better.
We then took a 9 month timeline where we wrote down all the things she wanted to achieve and started to fill it in with tiny, monthly goals, with natural ‘easier’ weeks in case children were ill or uncontrollable things happened. Each month and week had three specific tiny goals to achieve, one around fitness & movement, one around food and hydration and one around body confidence and internal thoughts. I kept everything really simple and possible with Kate. So although it was maybe not the main thing she wanted to achieve, it was the most possible thing. And by starting to achieve the most possible thing, her habits would start to change again, and her confidence would grow. Allowing her to move towards her bigger, what if I could, goals again.
All the training goals were quick and simple 10-20mins workouts at home, one core & postural workout, one bodyweight and strength, and one high intensity workout, aiming to do at least 3 a week. Even if it was 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins in the evening, consistency was more important than the duration. We then got a FitBit Surge, to track her sleep, movement and food which was really helpful as she was often skipping meals & looking after her children, but not herself. By gradually tweaking her food habits, and increasing her awareness, Kate started eating better, having more energy and sleeping better. By cooking more in the evening’s she had a better lunch prepared, and she prepared her breakfast the night before, to make sure she always had good food. Internally we choose a word for the week to focus on breathing in, such as confidence, and then breathing out panic, anxiety or worry when she got stuck. This combined with her postural awareness really made a difference to her overall mental focus and strength.
Bigger picture we started to plan ideas and mini events which she could aim for to grow her confidence, little 5km run’s with her family and personal goals, such as achieving a plank for 45 seconds, 10 full press ups & full range of movement squats. All tiny, yet really significant and actually bit goals. This would help build the strength for Kate’s longer term aim of a half marathon and triathlon when the children were all at school. I also worked with Kate in finding little thing she could learn and do, that were fun for her, adding value to her self worth and happiness.
By making tiny, possible consistent goals, Kate has become lighter, stronger and happier. She has found her inner spark again and found new ways to cope with her current lifestyle and enjoy it. Although she still gets frustrated by her lack of time, she is surprised by the results she has achieved by doing half of what she used to do, yet feeling even better! I’m super proud of what she has done so far and look forward to supporting her exciting plans next year….
I think many stage’s in life for many people are really challenging, busy family lives or busy single lives, both can be challenging, rewarding, tough, amazing and overwhelming.
And it’s uncomfortable to change our comfortable habits to something that’s not ‘easy’. Yet by writing down a clear plan, being committed yet flexible, and surrounding yourself with supporting & getting your family involved, you really can start to make tiny changes and it is worth doing this, even if you don’t think it is. Just sit down, and start to write a few tiny tweaks to movement, posture, nutrition and thoughts. Max of three for this month, and then review in a month’s time.
Writing it down is key to helping you shift your mindset and commit. Really good luck and know that if you have children or not, life is busy and overwhelming at times. Yet you have a choice to pause and edit things if you really feel brave enough to pause and take that leap. Get the support around you and see what happens over a 9 month period…. And if I can help at all, please do reach out and ask. Much, much support, I believe in you, Kim  x

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