Can you Eat Clean on £1/day, Part 3: The Eating Bit

Day 1 LBTL

It’s amazing how great a plate of rice and veg topped with tuna tastes when you are really , really hungry!

If you haven’t already seen part 1 and 2 and want to know what I am doing, you can catch up with them here:

Can You Eat Clean on £1 per Day?

Can You Eat Clean on £1/day? Part 2 – the shopping bit!

In a nutshell I have been set the challenge of surviving on £1/day for all my food and drink for 5 days to raise money for Oxfam and awareness for people living in poverty.  I have further challenged myself to see if I can still eat healthily on that budget.

In the picture above you can see what I am eating. 2 bowls of porridge made with water, pasta with 2 eggs and then rice, frozen veg with tuna or sardines.  I am eating the same thing everyday because I needed to use up everything that I bought and couldn’t afford variety.

And….this is waaaaaay harder than I thought it would be! I am eating healthily but the problem for me is quantity. I am surviving on 1400 calories / day.  That’s about half of what I normally have.  Hell some days I can do that for breakfast! Its not going to hurt me to cut down a bit and I could do with losing a few pounds but this is quite extreme!

I feel dreadful – hungry, headache, weak, tired, forgetful and nauseous.  I know that I am detoxing from caffeine but the rest of the symptoms must just be low blood sugar and hunger as I don’t have anything else to detox from.  I am also noticing the lack of protein – I just don’t seem to feel full up without it..

I am having quite a good split of macros, a little bit on the carby side,  but I just seem to be used to having more protein than I perhaps need


After day one I have decided to have my main meal at lunch time so that I can use the calories throughout the day when I need them.  I am drinking loads of water to a) help the detox process and b) to make sure that none  of my hunger is related to thirst.

I am injured so cannot train at the moment but even if I could I would not have the energy to.

This really makes you think about what its like to be living in poverty.  I am just dealing with one element of it.  At least I wake up in a nice cosy bed with a roof over my head, I can nurture myself , and have unlimited fresh water.

It’s also made me think a lot about whether people can or can’t afford to eat healthily and my verdict will be published on Saturday.


Please help me to raise some money.  It takes 5 minutes to donate and just £1 will make a difference:

Make being this hungry worth it here

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Meanwhile I have 2 more days of gruel and rice!

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