Can You Eat Clean on £1 per Day?

As well as being a health and nutrition blogger and a freelance marketeer, I am also a volunteer Fundraising Co-ordinator for the Exeter Oxjam, Music Festival Take-Over, which takes place on the 1st October 2016. To find out more about Oxjam Exeter click here. There are going to be some great, up and coming bands. To find an Oxjam event in your city click here. Oxjam raises money for Oxfam.

As well as the Music Festival we are running a series of fund-raising events prior to this to boost our overall donation to Oxfam.  Oxfam are a charity that aim to eradicate poverty and suffering across the world.

Starting on the 25th July 2016, I and the rest of the team have challenged ourselves to live on just £5 for 5 days. That’s £1 per day for all our food and drink.

Those that know me well, know how much I eat!  So this right now is sounding pretty impossible.  To add to the difficulty I do not want to be eating “crap” during this week so my challenge is to continue to eat clean!  No pot noodles here! Plus I want to continue training so need enough fuel to do this.

I (unlike a lot of people who live in poverty) will have the added benefit of cooking facilities and fresh running water. But I am still finding this a daunting task and anticipate being absolutely starving! And coffee….I will not be able to afford coffee! I also think I may have to vegetarian for the week so will really feel the protein deficit as my tummy does not appreciate beans and pulses and I am lactose intolerant!

This has really made me think about how homeless people live and what we take for granted.  We can choose what we put in our bodies. We choose to eat clean because we recognise the health benefits this gives us. We choose to treat ourselves, have cheat days and comfort eat because it brings us enjoyment and makes us feel better.

Imagine not having this choice?  Imagine that the only food you can eat is what a kind stranger chooses for you, or a homeless shelter provides for you or what you can find in a bin? Imagine not having any choice in the nutrition that you receive?

To help us raise awareness and money, so that Oxfam can continue the work that they do, I will be really, really grateful for any donation to my Everyday Hero Page no matter how small it is.  Click the link to donate:

Please donate to Bryony’s Live Below the Line Challenge here

If you cannot afford to donate yourself (and even if you can) I will also be really grateful if you would share this post onto your Facebook page or Twitter feed by clicking on the sharing buttons below.

Thank you so much for your support.  Its going to be a tough week for me! To find out how I am coping, what the hell I am eating and if I managed to eat clean, click on the follow button of this blog for regular updates.

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