Protein Smash-Fest Stir-Fry

Protein Fest Stir fry

I don’t actually like chinese take-aways. They are often syrupy, artificial and sometimes contain Monosodium Glutamate which is an artificial flavour enhancer and is not good!  In the 1960’s and 1970’s there were no regulations as to how much MSG you could put in food and people became very ill from it with what was nick named Chinese Fever.  My mum, who was living in Malaysia at the time, ended up in hospital after a meal out that was laden with MSG.  Her face swelled up until she looked like the Elephant Man (according to my Dad) and she was very unwell.  Now we don’t need to worry about that so much as there are limits as to how much you can use in food,  but its still not good for you.  I am quite sensitive to it and tend to feel like I have flu after eating it and I am extremely tired and get huge black bags under my eyes.

Making your own stir-fry is quick and easy and they taste much fresher and lighter than a take-away. It’s a good way of using up the odds and ends of vegetables in your fridge, especially Kale.  Anything goes really.  If you have any courgette left over from my Grain Free Tuna and Courgette Fritters with Creamy Avocado Dip or Aubergine from my Eat Clean Bacon Sandwhich with Aubergine Bread throw them in!

This recipe is awesome.   4 sources of protein and and a fresh tangy flavour, it takes about 10 minutes to make. The fresh herbs are optional but really do add to the flavour.

Snip 14Snip 8Snip 5Snip 4Snip 3


Snip 12Serve with brown rice or noodles.  I like Soba Noodles made out of Buckwheat which is an up and coming superfood and good source of protein

Snip 13 Omit the prawns, chicken and ham and use cashew nuts, tofu and quinoa

Snip 10Omit the prawns and use cashew nuts.  Or just stick to 2 sources of protein – chicken and egg. Instead of ready prepared stir fry mix use up the odds and ends of vegetables in your fridge.  Its a great way to use up Kale! Bulk it out with cheap veg such as carrots. Omit the fresh herbs.

Snip 9 Cook in plenty of coconut oil and top with avocado

Snip 2Ready prepared stir fry veg, ready diced chicken, lazy ginger, lazy garlic! Also check out the frozen fresh herbs that are ready chopped.  I have not used them myself  so do not know what they taste like.  If you have used them let me know what you think in the comments below please!

Capture I can’t quite eat a whole packet of stir fry veg to myself but the left over (raw not cooked in the stir fry) is great for chucking in an omelette the next day for breakfast or lunch. The left over half a chicken breast gets diced and frozen ready for next time I have a stir fry or gets chucked in said omelette. And ham just gets munched as a mid morning snack or ends up in an omelette.  It seems that most things end up in an omelette in my house.  What can I say?  I’m a fan!

Fresh mint can be used in fresh mint tea or my Fatoush Salad (recipe coming soon).  Coriander can also be used in my Fatoush Salad and my Spicy Chicken Wraps with a Cooling Avocado Cream

Protein Smash-Fest Stir Fry (serves 1)


  • 1/2 chicken breast diced
  • Handful of prawns defrosted
  • 1/2 packet of ham sliced or diced
  • 2 eggs beaten
  • A mix of veg or packet of stir fry veg
  • Cooking oil of your choice.  Coconut or sesame will give a good flavour but are not absolutely neccesary.
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1 tsp Lazy garlic or 1 clove garlic, diced
  • 1 tsp of Lazy ginger or 1 inch fresh root ginger, peeled and diced
  • 1 tsp fish sauce
  • 1 tblsp of chopped fresh mint (optional)
  • 1 tblsp chopped fresh coriander (optional)


  1. Heat some oil in a large frying pan and add the beaten egg.  Tilt the pan so that the egg forms a thin layer over the base of the pan. Let the egg cook and once it is almost cooked through, and is robust enough to be turned, flip it over with a fish slice and gently cook the other side.
  2. Slide onto a plate, roll up and then slice (you can do these two steps whilst doing step 3 and 4 if you can multi-task!
  3. Heat the oil  in a pan or wok
  4. Add the garlic, ginger and chicken and stir fry until the chicken is starting to cook.
  5. Add the prawns and ham and continue to stir fry
  6. Once the chicken is almost cooked add the vegetables and omelette and stir fry for about 4-5 minutes
  7. Add the fish sauce and let it reduce slightly (2-3 minutes)
  8. Add a squeeze of lime and fresh herbs, if you are using, and serve

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