cleanleanbean is 1 month old today!


cleanleanbean is 1 month old today!  And it has kept me very busy! I am so pleased with the statistics so far but have a long, long way to go.  I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, it really means a lot to me.

My most popular posts are:

Dealing with Injury: A bit About Me and My Journey So Far

Fit, Fab and Forty-something: Kids, Jobs and Getting Fit

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In 1 month cleanleanbean has gained:

  • 950 unique visitors
  • 2002 hits

The most popular day/time for people to view cleanleanbean is Tuesday at 21.00!

Most of my readers are from the UK but I have readers from 28 different countries including Vietnam!  Sadly I have no one from Australia – lets see if we can get this blog to an Aussie today!

On Facebook:

I have 96 page likes. 68% of my followers are female and the most popular city Bristol!  Big shout out to Bristol!

Click HERE to find my Facebook page: cleanleanbeanblog

On Twitter:

I have 166 Twitter followers

Click HERE to find me on Twitter @cleanleanbeanie

On Instagram 

I have 76 followers

Click HERE to find me on Instagram cleanleanbeanblog

On Pinterest:

I have  34 followers

Click HERE

I am absolutely loving my blogging expereince.  It is hard work but I am determined to make it a success

Once again thank you for your support. Please continue to help me to promote this blog to your friends and follower, it means the world to me.



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