Which Diet is Right For You?


Which Diet Is Right For You?

There is so much information on diet and nutrition available and so much conflicting evidence that its confusing. Just this week there is conflict between the National Obesity Forum and Public Health England over whether we should or should not eat more fat.

I am a firm believer that there is no one single diet that suits all and that you need to find one to suit you through trial and error.  I am using the word diet here to mean a way of eating for life.  I am not referring to a short term, quick fix that results in you undoing all your good work once your period of “dieting” is over.

I think that it is fair to say that the only diet that is going to work is one that:

  • Satiates you – if you feel hungry you are not getting enough nutrients and you will give in
  • Is sustainable – if you can’t make it a way of life then at some point you will undo your gains
  • Can be integrated into your everyday life – it needs to be easy, sociable and do-able.

Without these three elements you will, eventually, end up going back to old eating habits.

Healthy eating is not rocket science.  But it does take a bit of organisation to help you transfer from bad habits to good habits and a little bit of will power.  That is until your brain and body adapt and realise that they enjoy healthy food more than unhealthy food.

In terms of losing weight (and this is just my educated opinion) it’s a very simple equation.  As long as you eat less calories than you expend you are going to lose weight.  It doesn’t matter where those calories come from, even you eat a big mac and fries, as long as you don’t eat more than you expend, the weight has to come off.  That’s controversial I know but hey, this is my first post so why not get some opinions flying!

So why eat healthy clean food?

  • Because your body needs the nutrients to allow you to feel well and to do the things you want to do.
  • Because healthy foods tend to be lower in calories than unhealthy foods allowing us to eat more and feel satiated
  • Because artificial processed foods contain chemicals that are not good for our bodies
  • Because it tastes and makes us feel great!

Does eating healthy food mean I will lose weight?

Not necessarily.  You can overeat on healthy foods and some are quite calorie dense – take coconut oil for example.  You still need to be eating within your calorie limit.  It doesn’t really matter if you are over eating on healthy or unhealthy food in terms of your weight – if you are eating more calories than you expend you are still going to gain.  However, refer to the points above about why we should eat healthily – its important!

Where does exercise fit in?

  • It increases your calorie requirement which means you can eat more lovely healthy food
  • It shapes the muscles and the body giving you structure and symmetry to your body
  • Endorphins – need I say more. Even if this was the only benefit to exercise it would be worth it
  • It equips us for life and enables us to do the things that we want to do whatever they may be – run for a bus, play with the kids, run a marathon….what does it mean for you?

In short we should not only look at diet and exercise in terms of weight loss. We should think about the benefits gained from improved nutrition and endorphins too.

Why not write a list of everything you could gain from an improved diet.  Make it personal, what it would actually mean to you and keep this list on your fridge or your kitchen cupboard.

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